How to get a lot of video views on YouTube

How to get a lot of video views on YouTube

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The number of views on a channel is one of the main parameters for promoting a channel on YouTube, affecting the rating and monetization of the channel. There are many paid and free ways to get channel views. And the most important role in this is played by the internal policy of the channel itself.

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Free actionable methods

Free and at the same time effective means of increasing the number of views on the channel are the methods of working with filling and promoting the channel:

  • Thoughtful and well-chosen tags.
  • Attractive previews — miniature pictures to place in your playlists and YouTube lists.
  • Relevant and effective video titles.
  • Video on the intro of the main page of the channel.
  • Use in each video of announcements for your other videos.
  • Placing links to the channel on their own and partner sites and accounts of social networks, on thematic forums.
  • Conducting interviews on the topic of the channel with experts and famous people.

Application of tags. One of the functions of YouTube are tags — keywords with symbols that reflect the topic of the channel and individual videos, which will redirect users to the channel from the YouTube search bar. Tags should overlap with video titles.

Preview of videos. These miniature pictures on the subject of each video should be of high quality, with a clear image, effective and catchy, and of course, accurately reflect the themes of the videos. They are often filled with short slogans and related words.

Movie titles. They work in tandem with thumbnails and should reflect an important point in the content of the videos. Names should not be short, but also not too long. At the same time, the names should attract attention from the first glance at them in the list and make the user want to go to view.


Playlists are also a YouTube feature. This is a numerous sequence of channel videos, united by a common name. It is important here to select the sequence in such a way that the topic concerned develops smoothly from the beginning of the topic to its completion. If they are music compilations, videos with one artist can then switch to other artists with the same style.

If the viewer reacted and watched the first video, he will most likely view several others on this topic, or make bookmarks in the browser, or add them to favorites.

The video on the intro of the channel’s main page is a trailer. It reflects the general theme of the channel, and highlights highlights in the form of a series of video clips.

A modified short splash screen can be used at the beginning of each video.

Paid methods for recruiting views

Inexpensive and fast paid ways to increase views include different methods of cheating. Some of them are prohibited by YouTube, others can raise views, even quickly and a lot, but the YouTube algorithm reacts to such growth, some views are not counted, such an increase has little effect on the growth of the channel’s rating.

SEO channel optimization is an expensive but effective method of promoting the channel and gaining the number of views.

This is a long-term program that steadily works to increase prestige and financial performance, including an increase in the number of views.

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